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Witchy Tip of the Week: Lazy Witch Tips

Hello beauties! I do not know about you all but this post full moon has me feeling off! I may have flown too close to the metaphorical sun on Tuesday and Wednesday that has me feeling burnt out today. Not feeling my all. Still did what i needed to but definitely took the easier route than usual with my intention setting so i figured it was about time to share some lazy witch tips with the coven as well!

Lazy Witch Tips: For the times we need magic in a pinch!

  • Use your food as the tool: this throws back to our kitchen witchcraft blog post but yes use your food and drinks to hardness the magic! Needing coffee for a pick me up? When you are stirring in your cream and sugar make sure to stir them in clockwise to bring in the good intentions of energy and positivity to your coffee. Give it purpose! Same thing with drinking tea. If you are using honey and lemon do the same and give them purpose. Making food? Use certain ingredients for the magic you are looking to harness and get to making! When it's all done and you are ready to eat, give gratitude to your guides, angels, and/or God(s/desses) and dig in. The act of making it and then giving thanks and honoring the meal to your guides will help build a bond and from there the magic is up to you. You can also go as far as telling your drink how you want your body to feel/look after its done and bless it with glammer magic. The possibilities are endless.

  • Protect your noggin: this one is very easy, protect your crown. Throw on hat, wrap your head in a scarf, tuck your hair into a braid and talk about binding your power to you. Your head has two major energy centers, the Crown and Anja, where communication, ideas, and spiritual connections are big. For most, this is also an area of vulnerability for other people's bad juju to latch on to them. By protecting the head, you are also protecting the energy of those centers. Which will allow you to retain your power and energy better, and also keep away the yuckies of someone else. As always, best way to protect yourself is by shining your light and your natural glow will keep that shit away. But this is lazy witchcraft, we like options.

  • Speak/Write it into existence: Another quick one. Wanting to bring in some extra luck & abundance into your life? Start doing daily affirmations. Write them down 3 times or say them out loud 3 times. And fully believe them. Slight brainwashing level of believing in the mantra but overtime the law of attraction will be bringing you exactly what you are asking for. Be careful with your words and thoughts always. What we give energy to is what will be. Current affirmation I have been using successfully for a month now is " I am so lucky, I love my life, things couldn't possibly get any better". The universe wants to give you what you want, you have to learn to ask for it and learn the signs for when it is talking back to you.

  • Hit the showers: literally. Before you step into the shower, touch the shower head or faucet and bless them with the ability to wash away all the bad juju, baggage and anything you no longer want off of you and down into the drain. When you step into the shower, imagine the soapy water cleansing and blessing the soul and body and every area being scrubbed is so deep that is gets all the areas you want to get scrubbed. And then rinse off and imagine allllll of that shit going down that drain. This one is my personal go to on days like today. Its how I was able to get this post done haha.

  • Get outside: that's it. go outside and pay attention to the nature around you. The noises, the smells. Find grass you can sink your feet into. Watch the birds and see if one jumps out to you. Not only is being outside in nature an amazing way to ground yourself but it is also a wonderful way to tap into your different spirit guides in their habitat.

Easy enough! If you are interested in working with me one on one head over to my services page! You can sign up for a reading or Mystical Month, where I work with you as a Spiritual Life Coach to get you reconnect with your nature, your instinct and learn your energy of this realm.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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