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Spiritual Sessions

Hello my honeys! This page is where you will find information about the services you are able to get with Margaux's Corner. We have a classic channeled reading & a more in-depth month-long option as well! Click the Learn More button  and it will lead you to a more detailed description of the session as well as a place to book the session!

$100 for 50 minute reading

For the folks who want to get their questions answered & their thoughts organized. 50 minutes of you and me talking about the subjects you need some clarity on. I will tap into my gifts as well as your energy and see what is going on and what may be missing to the naked eye. Get ready for some clarity & guidance on your next steps forward and moving towards alignment!

Free Consultation before Sign up!
$1300 total cost

Feel like you are floating through life trying to remember your purpose? Feeling like there is something missing right in front of your face? Happiness and success right out of reach, so close you can taste it, yet something seems to always get in the way. Maybe you were brought here out of sheer curiosity, just interested in living your life more mindfully, maybe even more magically? Well Mystical Month is the best option for you!

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