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All About 

How did you get into this?

Back when Margaux's Corner was born, I was going through a very tricky health scare. I was not able to eat and keep food down, I was massively dehydrated because of the amount of getting sick, and I was left watching my body and muscles slowly start slipping away. Food went from being a comfort for me into an enemy and I was left feeling very defeated. After no doctors were able to figure out what was making me sick, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started researching not only the health benefits of certain herbs, fruits & vegetables but also the metaphysical impact they could have in my life.  From there, I was able to get my sickness under control and decided to bring it to the people. Thus the Potions potion of the company was born!

Hydrating Potions

The goal of each of my drinks is to provide the people with a little magic with every sip. When making the drink, I use my intention and the ingredients to alchemize the desired result. Whether its to fend off bad juju or bring in more love, the drink will aid you in what your end goal is. 

Magical Mocktails

With the ever expanding and changing menu, the drinks stay true to the season and reflect what is best during the time of year. This allows me to bring quality with every sip & provide the drinkers with something that will leave them hydrated and in a better mood. Magical Mocktails & Hydrating Potions allow the drinker to add a little magic into their day without even really realizing it.

Healing Through Hydration

Since the drinks are made from real fruit and ingredients, the health benefits come through in the drink as well. Something as simple of lemons, strawberries & water not only helps your juju but also increases your vitamin intake & hydrate your body for the rest of the day. Say goodbye to the dyes and artificials and say hello to real goodness.

Fantastic Fruits

All of my magical potions are made to order from the freshest ingredients from local farmers & organic ingredients from top stores in my local area. I aim to purchases the best products in order to serve the safest & healthiest potions to the people.

I am currently selling Potions at local farmer's markets & event around the Grand Strand. If you are interested in diving into a cup of goodness, check out the Instagram, @Margauxs.Corner for where I am going to be next!

If you would like to bring potions to your party, click the button below and contact me directly :) 

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