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The Millennial Mystic

Who is the woman behind the mystic? Well, that would be me, Margaux (pronounced Mar-go for the folks who are asking). 90s babe finally in her 30s who took a big leap of faith & went for her passion, healing through metaphysical work. Now for the ones who know me, it doesn't come as a huge shock we got here. Most of my loved ones know that I usually have some type of crystal in my bra, some form of deck in my bag & can come up with some type of herb or crystal to help ail you for what is bothering you, but for the folks who don't know me, keep reading because here is the back story.

From a young age I knew I experienced the world differently than others. Born the middle of 3 daughters we each had our own version of the world and mine was always a little more mystical. I played imaginary with fairies & my make-believe witches. When I swam in the pool, I would envision a tail and become a mermaid. I felt other's emotions like my own, sometimes so much they would burst out. I would know random facts about things and would later get validation I was right, to the point where my sisters often questioned if i was making things up. I could sense a shift in the room when a person walked in and know what their mood was. I could sense exactly what someone needed to hear to make them feel better, or worse, in the moment and knew what the following reactional path would be.​

Now as I grew older, my love for the metaphysical world grew deeper. The fascination with all things new age developed into researching different forms of divination, spirit work & how to hone some of these gifts that I had been able to tap into when I was younger. Unfortunately, with age I also found a lot of conditioning & judgement for the things that I enjoyed, so I tucked them away for "spare time" and it was left as fun party trick here and there.


​Fast forward to the beginning of 2020 where I decide to start tapping back into my spirit work. I decide to start taking my research more seriously. I rediscovered, with some help from my life coach, that my metaphysical gifts are only part of the wonderful gifts I have to offer. I realized my job in corporate America was not only unfulfilling but actually causing me severe health issue. We hit 2022 and it ends up being the year. Margaux's Corner is born! From a blog of self-discover that I did back in March for my 30th birthday to quitting my 9-5 marketing job and leap into healing through spirit work & reconnecting you with you.

​So that's me, more or less. Hang around and find out more!

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