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What the Clients Say!

I enrolled in Margaux's Mystic Month and had several of the best conversations of my life. The amount of clarity, guidance and wisdom she provides in her sessions is unmatched. The initial consultation lets you really get to know Margaux and tell her about yourself. It is like talking to the best friend you have had your entire life. She has an uncanny way of being able to tap right into who you are and the path that gets you to your goals. 
After meeting with Margaux and I cannot make this stuff up... I grew my relationships tenfold, stepped outside my comfort zone of ordinary and started traveling and fulfilling dreams and pushed past some career boundaries that landed me a promotion, within 3 months of talking with Margaux & implementing changes we discussed.
If you are feeling stale with your life, and not sure how to get where you want to go, I cannot recommend the Mystic Month enough.  I will forever be a repeat customer.

Kelsea S., SC

Image by Sarah Brown


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