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Understanding Magic: Kitchen Witchcraft

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Alright ladies and gents, pull out your cauldrons and stoke the fires. It's time to dive into Kitchen Witchcraft!! This is the craft where the magic is in the foods you make. When that extra love, attention and courage is felt through the perfectly baked cookie. Where one bite of pie can cure a heartache as quick as a sip of soup can clear a hangover. The magic is at hand, how will you wield your spatula to use it?

Kitchen Witchcraft is pretty basic when you really think about it. All you do is put your intention into the things you are making. The steps of the recipe are in fact steps to a spell. The aroma of the pot boiling on the stove is the same as a cauldron full of potion coming together. The altar is your stove & oven, and your ingredients hold the essences you are manipulating. Your power is transferred as you stir and ponder. As you knead and fold so do your words and actions mix the magic. It is all part of the process. Now we just learn how to harness it.

Quick Steps to Kitchen Witchery.

The intention is where it starts. What do you want to feel? What do we want to take care of? Where in life are we trying to better? Who are we trying to impress? Got it? Good. We have a focus on the objective of what we want to be done. Now we go to ingredients.

Ingredients are the base of how we get the intention through. Want to have someone you love not to linger? Use apples & cinnamon for love and nutmeg for protection. Want to bring in some more money? Look to using bay leaf while making stews & sauces to add some luck & prosperity. There are a ton of connections you can align your intentions with, you just have to find which ones align and work together.

The recipe is next. How are we combining all these ingredients together for the spell? What elements can we incorporate to add more depth to the spell? How are these adding to the ingredients and adding to their magic? Take a pause and really imagine how these different steps work hand in hand with you and your magic and how you want to manipulate them. Will you use a bowl or plate? Cut or mashed? Canned or fresh? It all adds to it.

Lastly, you make the thing! You put your intention behind each move and step and you get the result. Give thanks and appreciate the ingredients during and after the process. Awe at the masterpiece you make. Give people a taste, see what they think.

Now Kitchen Witchcraft is so much more than just the food you make. It is the beverages you drink, the essential oils you put in your diffuser, and the little heart you sign on your significant others napkin to extra love. Those are all ways to add magic into it.

Beverage Magic: As mentioned in a previous Witchy Tip of the Week we talked a little about beverage magic. Try to pick tea blends that align with what you are trying to accomplish. Stir your beverage counterclockwise to stir away stagnant energy and stir it clockwise to bring in better aligned energy.

Sigils & Food: Sigils are special symbols that signify an intent. If you are quick on time create a sigil to draw upon the food before consuming. It can be as simple as an oil drizzle or as complicated as full cake designs. Up to the practitioner's preference.

Simmer pots & Blends: Not a big fan of cooking? Have ingredients but not a dish? Throw it in a simmer pot! Take a big pot of water and throw in the ingredients you were wanting to use. Put that pot on the stove and let it simmer! Your house will smell amazing!

So, this is a pretty simple breakdown on how Kitchen Witchcraft works! Hope you all learned something new that you can add to your everyday. Curious how to incorporate this and more magic into your life? Head over to my services page to book a free consultation today on how to do so!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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