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Witchy Tip of the Week: Calming Choas with Self-Care Magic

Updated: May 15, 2023

Whoops I missed you guys' last week! Let's just say the universe is putting me through some new phases and I am having some adjustment issues. That and the lunar eclipse totally zapping all life from me left me feeling extremely depleted so I said the blog can wait for a week. Pretty sure I am the only one who reads the blogs anyways, so I am sure no one noticed the week slip.

Any who, since last week all my energy was gone, this week I was focused on trying to rebuild my energy back up. Now the energy forecast was definitely not on my side for that either, peep the Instagram if you haven't already, saying that frustrations will be on the rise, and let me tell you they were everywhere. From tech issues, appointments running over, miscommunications left and right, it's been a week. Thankfully with all the stuff I have been doing it's been manageable, and I have only bitten off one person's head, sorry Gregg. So, for this week we are revisiting a fave of mine, Self-Care Magic. Where we take the alchemy of simple care tasks and make them into body fortifying intentions made real where the results are us feeling better, brighter and lighter. Join me as we dive into this week's tips for Calming Choas with Self-Care Magic.

Now the best part of this type of magic is, you already are doing 85% of the work. How do you ask? By knowing how to take care of yourself, what is best for you when you are feeling depleted and what self-care tasks actually make you feel better. Don't worry if you don't know all of those things either. Half the fun of self-care is figuring out what works and doesn't work for you. I'll have some examples for you further down the article too.

So, where the magic comes in is in the intentions set and the extra doodads added. Remember, the key to adding magic to your self-care routine is to infuse the experience with intention, symbolism, and positive energy. By taking the time to care for yourself in a thoughtful and intentional way, you can help yourself feel more balanced, centered, and connected to the world around you. Better. Brighter. Lighter. Just by taking care of yourself and being mindful of the actions and tasks that you are doing. Sounds too easy right? It is!

Here is when the fun comes in, how are you going to add intention into your self-care? Here are some great ways to add magic to your favorite self-care routine:

  1. Set an intention: I know it sounds dumb to list it out, but actually setting an intention before you begin your self-care routine & taking a moment to set an intention for the experience is how the magic comes through. This could be as simple as setting the intention to feel relaxed and refreshed or to release any negative energy you may be holding onto.

  2. Use aromatherapy: Adding essential oils or burning incense can help create a calming and magical atmosphere. Choose scents that are known for their relaxing and soothing properties such as lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Each scent also carries magical properties as well! Lavendar for example brings in cleaning and purification, so if you are trying to relax and smooth things over, lavender will help with the metaphysical as well.

  3. Incorporate crystals: Crystals are believed to have healing properties and can be used to promote positive energy and balance. Choose a crystal that aligns with your intention or the type of self-care you are engaging in. For example, rose quartz is known for promoting self-love and healing while amethyst is known for its calming properties, smoky quartz for purifying.

  4. Create a sacred space: Set up a designated space for your self-care routine that feels special and sacred. This could be a corner of your bedroom or bathroom that you decorate with candles, plants, or other objects that bring you joy. This should be an area you want to be near and feel good to work at.

  5. Use visualization: While engaging in your self-care routine, close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by a warm, glowing light. Imagine this light is filling you up with positive energy and healing any areas of tension or stress in your body. This is especially great with skin care routines too! Visualize the products going in and doing their job or visualize how you want the products to make your skin look and feel.

  6. Use Tarot or Oracle cards: Tarot or Oracle cards can be used as a tool for self-reflection and guidance. Pull a card before or after your self-care routine to gain insight and inspiration for your journey. For example, if you get the Empress Card when asking about what your body needs it is telling you to focus on ways that make you feel more aligned with your feminine energy. Letting your body rest, bring life in, not push and lead like the Emperor but flow and nurture like the Empress. There are also oracle decks that have self-care tasks in attached to them!

  7. Create a ritual: Turn your self-care routine into a ritual by incorporating symbolic actions such as lighting a candle, smudging with appropriate herbs & incense, or using a special tea blend. These actions can help you create a sense of ceremony and intention around your self-care practice. Especially if your routine is law for you, adding the extra layer of magic on top will take a routine into a ritual with a few easy tweaks.

  8. Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is the practice of being present and fully engaged in the moment. When engaging in your self-care routine, bring your full attention to the experience. Focus on the sensations in your body, the scents in the air, and the sounds around you. This can help you feel more connected to yourself and the present moment. This also will help you be able to get better communication with your spirit team & guides.

  9. Connect with nature: Spend time in nature during your self-care routine. Take a walk in a park, spend time in your garden, or sit by a body of water. Nature has a way of grounding and calming us, and spending time in natural settings can help you feel more centered and balanced. Something as simple of listen to birds & smelling the flowers can unlock hidden potential that was waiting to come out.

Ready to try some magic? Let's try this simple Self-Care Spell!


  • Candle, blue for calming, pink for self-love, white for purity & all of the above

  • Matches


  1. Choose a candle in a color that resonates with your intention for self-care.

  2. Sit in a quiet, comfortable space and light the candle.

  3. Take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself surrounded by a warm, glowing light.

  4. Focus on your intention for self-care. This could be anything from releasing stress and tension to nurturing yourself with love and compassion.

  5. As you focus on your intention, repeat the following incantation:

"I light this candle for my care, May love and light surround me here. With every breath, I release what's old, And welcome in a new, healing hold."

  1. Sit quietly for a few moments, feeling the warmth and energy of the candle and the incantation surrounding you.

  2. When you're ready, blow out the candle and carry the feeling of love and care with you throughout your day.

Remember, the power of the spell comes from your intention and the energy you put into it. This simple spell can be customized and adapted to suit your specific needs and intentions. Always approach spells with a sense of respect and reverence, and be mindful of the energy you are calling in.

Hope this helped you all make the rest of Mercury Retrograde a little better! It ends in 3 days, we are almost there!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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