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Witchy tip of the Week: Hygiene Hijinks

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Happy Thursday my lovelies! Hope everyone has been having another wonderful week! Currently I am neck deep in my bathtub and decided it was time to do a post on how to make hygiene more magical! So, this week we are diving into bath time rituals and other ways you can bring magic into beauty & self-care. How adding a little more fun into your routine can be the small change to propel you forward.

So as mentioned in my previous post, Understanding Magic: Water Witchcraft, we know that water is a great element to get our intentions across and we are able to incorporate a lot into our different water-based activities in order to get our magic flowing. Since so much of hygiene consists of this element, there is a lot of areas where magic can be added into your every day, including something as simple as a bath.

How to Incorporate Magic into your Hygiene:

  • Baths: to put it simply, a bathtub is a tub of water, duh. It is a basin of the element that your body can be full enveloped in. Like a big cauldron for your body so to speak. A bathtub is a body of water that we can control & it allows us to manipulate the water and its contents in order to work our magic and intentions. By using a bath as your medium, you have the ability to infuse the workings into our body while we are soaking. Because of this we can add milks, teas, herbs, honey, crystals*, and salts to work our magic. Depending on the moon cycle & astrology chart you can even fine tune it down to an exact combination. Check out the bath recipe at the bottom for the New Moon in Pisces Ritual Bath. *Do your research on which crystals can go in water and which ones are hazardous! *

  • Showers: now with a shower, I see this more as a way of cleansing. You can actually enchant your shower head to wash away anything that no longer serves you and have the water bless you and cleanse you of all that needs to go, having the water take it down the drain and away from you. You may also plug the drain and do a mini bath ritual while the shower is running if you are short on time.

  • Scented Sprays/Perfumes: If you love essential oils like me you have started to incorporate them outside of just the diffuser. Put the intention in the water you use for the perfume/room spray and pick out certain oils that work with the intentions as well. That perfume that people stop to compliment you on is one intention away. Also, if you are wanting clearer/lucid dreams, use a combination of lavender & patchouli in a linen spray & spray it on your pillow.

  • Hand Washing: washing your hands with certain combinations of ingredients can bring into good luck, prosperity, or even banish people from you. If you are look for some added abundance, try honey & sea salt in your left hand and work the ingredients r in with both hands until you feel like your intentions are set and start seeing the abundance flow.

Since we have a New Moon coming up on Monday, I figured today's post would benefit for having a ritual at the end in case anyone wants to join in. The New Moon with be in Pisces, my personal Moon, Mars & Venus, so this bath is going to be extra special for me and you all as well because there is a lot of Pisces energy in the sky (including the start to the Pisces's Astrological season) so this would be the best bet to try out not only Moon magic but also Water magic as well! Okay so here it goes!

Pisces New Moon Bath Ritual

What will you need?

  • Bathtub

  • Epsom Salt or Sea Salt

  • Crystals associated with Pisces (i.e., Amethyst, Labradorite, Aquamarine)

  • Lavendar, Patchouli, and/or Clary Sage essential oils or herbs

  • Candle that matches your intention (shoot for white if you can)

  • Incense of your choosing + matches/lighter to light that & the candle.

First cleanse the tub with the smoke from you incense. This brings in the element air. Next add the Epsom salts or sea salt to the base of the tub. Next drop the essential oils on tops of the salts. Give it a quick mix with your hand, letting your intentions flow with the movement. Next throw on the water to the temperature you like. Add the crystals to the water and or around the tub. That plus the salt is the earth element. While the bath is filling light the candle, fire element, and sit and meditate on what you would like to bring in on this next cycle. How like water do you want to be? Reflect on the life you are living and where you can add more flow like the water in the tub. Finally, when you are ready hop into the tub and soak into the bath for as long as you want. Shower off at the end if you want to cleanse yourself at the end.

Simple enough right! It's not hard adding more magic into your life once you realize how close you are to already doing it. Ready to make the big step to having a more magical life? Head over to the services page and check out Mystical Month! First meeting is a free consultation where we see if you're aligned with this life change product.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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