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Understanding Magic: Water Witchcraft

Hello my beauties! Welcome back to the series where of me briefly going over the essentials of different types of witchcraft to help people see that it's really not as taboo as they think. This week we are diving into our witches who prefer to work with one element, Water, and how they have made a whole craft with it.

Now as mentioned above, the folks who are Water Witches use the element water as their mean source of honing their own powers. They will use not only different types of waters but also different artifacts that has to do with the ecosystem of the water they use to drive their intentions even more. Their main draw to this type of craft comes from a deep love of the connection between land and water and honoring that bond and creating that balance in their art. Like water, they learn to flow & be fierce as well as learn to be flexible when needed. You can be a water witch anywhere so there is no need to live by the beach or ocean to take part in this art! Below are some keyways to working with Water & becoming a Water Witch.

Water is a great source to really help folks because of how versatile it is. There are so many types of water, it can be the base of so many things & be elevated with a ton of different factors. Here are some different types of water & how to use them with the intentions you have in places.

  • Full Moon Water: a great way to charge up anything! Full moon water is made when leaving water out under the Full Moon and taking it back inside before the sun rises. Since the peak of the Moon's cycle is the Full Moon (See Understanding Magic: Moon Magic to see the full cycle broken down) this water will be infused with the Moon's most powerful energy over night! Very potent.

  • New Moon Water: New Moon is made the same way Full Moon water is, by leaving it outside during the New Moon. Now the difference is the energy that is infused. During a New Moon the energy is all about manifesting and new beginnings. Setting the path and getting things under way.

  • Sun Water: Now this water is made the complete opposite as the Moon water, you leave it out in the hot Sun all day! This water will be blessed with the intentions of healing, happiness & fertility. This is great water to use when you are in a need of a creative boost!

  • Ocean Water: Ocean water is used for cleansing, banishing and protecting. Imagine what waves do to the shore and see that as the intention of the Ocean's power. Like a wave, it'll crash down to cleanse, take away anything that is not working, and provide a new platform to try again. The ocean is also very healing, so it is a great healing influence as well.

  • Stream Water: Like streams, this water's energy is quick and light. It is good for carrying messages quickly and adding some levity to a situation. It will help the ball rolling and with the right intentions become bigger and merge with others over time to build into something bigger.

  • River Water: River water is mighty. It bends and breaks and changes directions. Use this type of water when needing to help the intentions of breaking through tough times and moving on. This is also a great water for reinforcements like making wards & sprays to help this process as well.

  • Swamp Water: One of the more mysterious waters, Swamp water is usually used for some heavy hitting situations. Hexing & binding would be the biggest uses for this type of water but as with other types of water you can also use it to help with banishing as well.

  • Spring Water: This water is great for the lighter side of things! Big growth magic lives in this type of water as well as abundance and cleansing. This would be a great addition to any potion, perfume or beauty concoction.

  • Lake Water: Like the lake, this water has the intentions of fun & relaxation. Just like a nice day on the lake this water will be filled with peace and joy and contentment. Add this bad boy to a bath when feeling overwhelmed and a little blue.

  • Well Water: Deep Well water is great for introspection. Since wells are deep within the Earth this water is fueled by the core's intuition & wishes. Use this water when needing to make big collaborations & wanting to make an impact on a large group of people.

  • Rainwater: Rainwater is a wonderful base for anything calling for the element Water. It is infused with growth & rebirth properties that make it one of the most potent types of water. Coming from the heavens this water should be used as often as you can in as many ways as possible. Use it from scrying & alter water to bath water & room spray.

  • Hurricane/Strom Water: Much like Swamp water, this type of water has a little more of a darker side to it. Like natural disasters or storms this water is brings a little chaos and clearing. It is great to use for banishing, hexing, and removing blocks. Also great for giving yourself courage and cleansing, much like the peace you feel after the storm has passed.

  • Frozen Water/Snow or Ice: Snow water or water that was once frozen is used in a couple of different ways. In some cases you can freeze spell water to keep someone bound or blocked against you. Trapped in their own block of ice. Since it also melts/melted, these is great for spells you need to take some time. Ones that have a lot of moving parts that you don't control and need time to be on your side.

There is even more when you start to learn how to layer the different water based elements together to really create a spell & water based work! There are so many combinations that you can make it what you want as always! Cant wait to see what you all come up with! If you are interested in working with me one on one head over to the services page to set up a reading or free consultation today!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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