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Understanding Magic: Moon Magic

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Alright friends, the next installment into understanding the different types of magic is bring brought to you by the luminous beauty in the sky, the Moon. No matter her stage she is moving the tide, the energy, the ways of the world. Folks who find themselves entranced by the Moon will do well in learning to work with the celestial body to improve their flow & manifestations.

Now let us jump in. In a previous post, Working with the Moon, I already gave a couple of ideas on how much the moon moves us & how its interaction with us & nature are symbiotic. I also mentioned a couple of ways to work with the moon, including understanding the different phases of the moon. Each phase gives us an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our natures more and learn that like each phase of the moon, everything has its time, place and purpose. Once we start understanding the phases then we can begin to harness the power that goes along with them.

Alright now that we know more about the phases, let's put them into action! Here are some great ways to incorporate each phase into your day-to-day actions: New Moon: Time to focus on those new projects and endeavors you want to explore this cycle. It's a good time to plant the seeds of desire and begin to call in what you want. What are you ready to leave behind and what are you looking for to bringing in. Embrace the darkness around you to look within and explore what is and isn't working. Journalling, cleansing and setting up new wards would be good use of time.

Waxing Cresent: This time is meant to put things into action. The watering of the seeds you planted. We want to communicate the plan, get the ideas flowing and practice your creativity. We want to be improving our skills & explore areas that need to be examined. Its a good time to meditate, put aside time for planning & begin to get the materials needed to get things done. First Quarter: First quarter is the continuation of getting the project going and getting it thriving. Focusing on goals & the inspiration to push forward the momentum. It's all about determination and making those plans and ideas become more of a reality. Creative juices are still flowing and now we are cultivating an environment where more is being brought into us. Great time to work spells of abundance, blessings, and success.

Waxing Gibbous: Manifestations are strengthening, intuition is strengthening, continue your actions, the work is working. Your skills need to continue to be developed & you may find yourself needing to examine old wounds.

Full Moon: This is the time where manifestations should be flowing in, and it is now time to celebrate! Big energy, the biggest energy of the cycle. Be grateful for where you have come from and celebrate what has come in. Examine what may not be working, what is stagnant, and begin to see what can be cleaned up to bring in more blessings. Good time for cleansing self & home, journaling & dream work.

Waning Gibbous: As the Moon begins her retreat to the darker side, we must as well begin to examine and begin to prepare for rest & downtime. It's a good time to nurture others from your success of the first leg of the moon cycle, gathering ideas on how to harvest the best from all the work that has been done. Be grateful & adjust anything that doesn't feel right. Last Quarter: Surrender to what hasn't come to fruition, release anything that is causing negativity & old habit patterns. Any lingering projects should be finished up. Making decisions on what to come next. Good time to work spells of balancing, clearing & protection.

Waning Cresent: Retreat, rest, relax, reconnect with self. Hermit time is okay, good time for cleaning baths.

Cycle repeats

Now it doesn't end with the phases, we also have Monday which is dedicated to the moon. So, every Monday whenever you feel less than stellar, ask the goddesses Seline, Diana & Thoth to bless you with some extra good moon magic. The moon is all about the Divine Feminine so don't be afraid to connect with your inner female and do anything that makes you feel soft, loved and nurtured when working with the moon.

There are so many ways to work with the Moon, explore today! And as always if you want to work with me one on one head over to the services page and book a session today!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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