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Witchy Tip of the Week: Working with the Moon

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Hello my loves!

So, this witchy tip of the week blog seems to be more of a witchy tip of the month blog but that's life! One of these days I will be better about posting weekly but last month just wasn't the one!

Any who, this week I wanted to discuss working with the Moon. That big sphere in the sky that looks just a little different but the same every single night. The one we love, cherish and have probably gazed up into before. That hunk of space rock. Now i know most of you are thinking, "Margaux how does one work with the Moon? What does that even mean?". Well, my friends, here is what I am getting to. The Moon does more than just look pretty in the sky, she does a lot here on Earth and if we started to work with her, we may find ourselves in flow with what is going on more than what meets the eye.

Now for my science peeps, we know that the Moon does a lot to how the Earth operates. Controlling the tides, guiding certain species to and from their homes, and controlling the axis of the Earth to name a few. (Institute of Physics ( The tides & the waters... what are humans mostly made up of? Water! Other species live their lives by the Moon like sea turtles, why shouldn't we give it a go? If a big rock in the sky has that much power over the planet we live on, one would then assume it would have at least some degree of impact on us as well.

I mean really think about it. Do you feel differently when the moon is at different parts of its rotation? A little bit more intense on a full moon, maybe a little more restful and open on a new moon? Maybe you feel the moons pull more when there is a super moon or even feel more shadowy thoughts during an eclipse. Explore that with yourself for a second and get back to me.... If you are intrigued to see more keep scrolling.

Okay so for the ones who are vibing with this idea, I invite you to start to make some of these small changes. There is a full Moon on November 8th 2022 so you can begin the adjustment then. Here are some great ways to start!

  1. Learn the stages of the moon cycle & what they mean: each cycle of the moon is associated with different character traits, abilities & even spell work. Learn the basics of what each phase is so you can know how to best execute.

  2. Drink more water: I know this one sounds a little dumb but let's be honest, we are all extremely dehydrated so drink more water. We all need to do that, and more water means more element to harness when working with the Moon.

  3. If you are into Astrology, you can also begin to add in living in the sign the Moon is currently in. For example, as of 2:52 PM 11/1 the Moon is in Aquarius. Today's activities have revolved around, journaling and expressing myself because my emotions feel like a lot, and I am more able to understand them when I put pen to paper & I have used those emotions to be more creative with my social media & blog! (Hence why all of sudden I wanted to blog again after a month". Each sign will gear you more towards certain things and working with that may help your energy flow.

  4. Put it into action! Try manifesting with the moon cycle, a releasing bonfire under the Full Moon, try creating different pieces of art at different times of the cycle, this is where your magic jumps in!

Mother Moon has always been captivating to me so i find myself drawn to living more by the moon. I have slowly been adapting my life towards it and find it useful. Feel free to comment with any questions or further explanation needed :)

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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