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Witchy Tip of the Week: Gardening Magic

Hello my beauty babes! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday! The second Witchy Tip of this week is coming at you to continue the theme of Spring and Sun and all things that bloom and start to grow! Now since I know I am not the only one planting seeds, metaphysically and in real life, I thought it was about time we did a post on how to add more magic to your garden!

Now we have already discussed in Green Witchcraft & Potent Plant Magic that the Earth and all that she offers is a great way to help power your intentions. Gardening can be a wonderful way to connect with nature and add magic to your daily life! Not only are you able to get your hands (and feet if you are a barefoot bandit like me) in the dirt & the Earth BUT you also have the potential to grow the ingredients and materials you will need for other aspects of your craft!

Here are some ways to add magic to your gardening:

  1. Planting with intention: Before planting, set an intention for what you want to cultivate in your garden. This could be a specific herb for healing or a flower for love and happiness. As you plant and tend to your garden, focus your energy and intention on your desired outcome.

  2. Moon gardening: If you already love working with the Moon and grabbed some inspiration from Moon Magic, working with the phases of the moon to plan your gardening activities will be right up your alley! Planting during a new moon is thought to promote growth and abundance, while planting during a full moon is believed to enhance the flavor and medicinal properties of herbs.

  3. Creating a garden altar: Create a small altar or sacred space in your garden to honor the spirits of nature and the elements. You could include candles, crystals, and other natural objects that hold personal significance to you. If you are looking to add even more think about looking into deities that are of Earth. Like Gaia & Demeter and maybe add them to your altar as well!

  4. Using herbal magic: As mentioned earlier, incorporating herbs with magical properties into your garden is a great use of the time, space & activity you are doing! Plant lavender for relaxation, rosemary for protection, & oregano for its healing properties. Use these herbs in rituals, spells, and healing practices.

  5. Elemental magic: Earth is not the only element you can put to use in your garden! Work with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water in your gardening too! Try using you could use crystals to represent the element of earth, like tree or moss agate. Use windchimes or feathers for air. Incorporate solar lights to not only represent fire but also bring in Sun magic by letting the Sun's rays charge them all day to illuminate the garden at night., For water, bring in a small fountain or birdbath!

  6. Creating a labyrinth: Create a labyrinth or spiral path in your garden for meditation and spiritual reflection. Walking the path can help clear your mind and connect you with your inner wisdom.

Remember, the most important thing when adding magic to your gardening is to follow your intuition and let your connection with nature guide you. Enjoy the process and let the magic of the natural world inspire you.

Ready for the next level? Try this simple spell the next time you garden and watch amazing things happen! Not only will it fuse your garden with positive energy, but it will also help your plants grow strong and healthy!


  • A small plant or seedling

  • Soil

  • A small crystal or stone (optional)

  • Water


  1. Find a quiet and peaceful spot in your garden where you can work without interruptions. Place your plant or seedling in the soil, making sure it is secure and stable.

  2. Hold the small crystal or stone in your hands and visualize it filling with bright, positive energy. Imagine this energy flowing from your hands into the crystal, infusing it with healing and protective energy.

  3. Place the crystal or stone in the soil, close to the roots of the plant. As you do this, say a simple blessing or affirmation for your plant, such as "May you grow strong and healthy, nourished by the earth and the sun."

  4. Water the plant, pouring the water slowly and deliberately onto the soil. As you do this, visualize the water nourishing the roots and helping the plant to grow and thrive.

  5. Finally, take a few moments to stand or sit near the plant and focus your attention on its energy. Visualize the plant growing tall and strong, and imagine its energy radiating out into your garden, filling the space with positive, healing energy.

This simple gardening spell can be customized and adapted to your specific needs and preferences. You can use different plants, stones, or affirmations, depending on your intentions and goals. The most important thing is to approach the spell with an open heart and a clear intention, and to let the magic of nature do the rest.

Happy Spring darlings!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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