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Understanding Magic: Green Witch Craft

Ah, our earthy magic babes are getting the spotlight this week! We are going from Water to Earth, from sea to land, and feeling the roots that connect us all. Green witches are our nature angels who look towards the woods for inspiration and find joy in even the simplest of greenery.

Green Witchcraft is all about working with the land and nature around us. Honoring Mother Nature, what she provides for us and knowing everything from the smallest ant to the mightiest mountain has an energy, a power, and a purpose. Every flower, herb, tree, grass, berry, even an animal's habitat and their behavior come into play when working the Green Witchcraft tools.

Now our Green Witches use nature and nature-based deities to get their power/energy across. When it comes to understanding how their magic and powers work, they are inclined towards using plants and all things nature based to really get their intentions across. They will look to the animals around them to get signs from nature and their guides in order to move and flow through their day to day so that way their manifestations can take flight.

Where to start:

  • Research your plants: per usual, research and knowing what different plants and herbs mean will help you wield the item better. Oak trees have different energy than Pine trees, same with spearmint & peppermint. It is in the details sometimes.

  • Connect with nature: get your hands dirty! Get into the elements. You won't know how the energies work until you are working with them. Plant the seeds, get the plant from Trader Joe's, sit under the tree in the park. Once you do the activity, intentionally tap into the element. See what comes up for you.

  • Put your knowledge into action: once you do the research put that shit into action! Essential oils, teas, lotions, perfumes, bath salts, cooking salts, the list goes on! When you are making the item, put your intention into. Use recipes based on what you want to come across. It is great!

  • Pay attention to what is around you: green witchcraft has signs of many different types. Notice what scents attract you, what plants you are drawn to, what plants you don't like, what animals are near you & what plants they are using. It is all connected.

Now it is time to play! Go out and get your hands dirty, put your toes in the dirt, drink peppermint tea more than just for taste! This is where you get to see what works for you.

As always, if you don't feel like doing the guess work and want to sit down and talk with someone about what would be best for you, head over to the services page and sign up for a free consultation for Mystical Month! During our consultation we can discuss the changes you want to make and how to get the ball rolling today!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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