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Witchy Tip of the Week: Understanding Your Energy

Full transparency, I skipped a couple of weeks again. I was having emotional and physical lows the week last few weeks and with the passing holiday I decided to honor myself and my energy and take it easier on myself than I usual would. I chose to honor and listen to my energy & body so that when the energy did return, I knew I would be able to get more accomplished. With this all-in mind, I decided to do a bigger post to make up for 2 weeks of being MIA and it has all to do with understanding your own energy & honoring it.

First things first for those of you who do not know, we as humans are energy! Everything we do produces energy, and we also are energy ourselves. In our day to day, we are all creating and moving energy and when our physical form passes the energy is released back into the universe and flows somewhere else. Now because of the body's energy and how humans have seen it interact with the world and the other people around it, there are many different forms of religions and ideologies on where and how energy actually works within this world & within us. Through these ideologies, experiments and exercises humans have found out more about our energy & the energy of our world, how it works more and how it helps create our today. In some ideologies people will use crystals, sounds and go to physical locations that have been found to help better understand and enhance one's energy. Now each person's energy works differently and is unique to their journey here on Earth and there are different ways to better understand and then utilize the energy and genetic makeup of your birth design. Personally, I have found the best way to understand my energy is through the exploration of my place within space & through self.

Now the two ideologies I am going to talk about today are Astrology and Human Design. These systems are tools to help understand your strengths and weakness as well as show you places where your specific energy is special to your design to bring extra magic to your and the collective.


Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, each with their own unique characteristics and stories. Each sign bringing something to the party. I am sure at this point everyone has at least heard some conversation relating around "What is your sign?" and the compatibility of a future partner. Astrology has always fascinated me since I saw it in my first Girls Life magazine and my love and understanding about it has gotten only deeper.

Astrology takes your birth time and day and based on that information certain signs, planets and houses are assigned & through this information one can learn how to navigate through the day to day here on Earth in the best way for our flow. These star charts, or Natal Birth Chart help astrologers learn and understand how to operate in the now. This chart gives you the ins and outs of what makes you, you. It helps you understand the makeup of you by the stars and planets in the sky. Based on a birth chart you can learn to work your day to day better for your energy, know how to execute your work more effectively, and even learn to unlock your hidden struggle and maybe learn to better yourself from that knowledge.

Now like I mentioned, there is more than just your Sun Sign. If I get any more interest on this post, I will go more in depth but here are the 6 placements that are most beneficial to know and start to understand so that you can use that knowledge to better your energy flow in life. *To get a full natal chart description I recommend the app TimePassages or go to .*

Sun: This is the sign the most people are the most familiar with and this is the easiest sign to get information about because all you need is your birth date. Your Sun sign is what acquaintances, friends, and family see. This one is wrapped up in your ego and identity.

Moon: My personal favorite sign is the Moon sign. This one is tied up with your emotions, memories & personality. This sign only shows its face with your closest friends, family and life partner. It is your inner self and reserved for the people you trust most.

Mercury: This little planet's meaning in our astrology has to do with communication. How you communicate, your intellectual mind & the skills that come with it. Your Mercury sign shows up the most around co-workers and folks you wish to network and work with. Your work personality. Ever find someone you can't stand at work to find out you like them much more outside of that? Mercury baby!

Venus: The sign of love! This one is for your romantic partners & way love shows up in your relationships with self and others. Not to be confused with lovers, Venus is more about the deeper sense of vulnerability and partnership with another human.

Mars: The Mars sign on the other hand is about sexual partners & passion. Not only does it come into play with compatibility in the bedroom, but it also gives your insight on other emotions that come with passion, anger. This sign may also give you a glimpse at growth potential when dealing with undesirable times.

Rising: Last but not least our rising sign is the mask we present to the world. The first thing people think and see on the surface before they start to peel back the layers. When you meet someone and start to pick up on their energy, that at first is their Rising sign and then the better you get to know someone the rest of the signs will show up.

That is only the tip of the Astrology iceberg. The planets, houses and signs all have much deep meaning that will be able to help you navigate the world in new ways.

Human Design:

Now this ideology is newer to me but has been the most life changing since i started to study and understand it more. Like Astrology, Human Design brings in your birth time and date and uses that information to understand the actual energy slow in your body. Much like the chakra system, Human Design has 9 centers each with their own gates and connections where energy starts and stops through the body. These centers can have consistent energy or can have sporadic energy depending on other humans and their own specific energy nearby. Within this system there are different energy types & with that energy type comes different purposes for their energy here on Earth. The starting off point is understand your energy type and from there you are able to unlock your authority & strategy which will help you learn how you best manifest, digest & even work all through one ideology.

Alright so there 5 different energy types. Like with Astrology there is more that comes into play but finding out how your energy & aura effects & is affected by people is crucial in the deconditioning process. the types are as follows:

Generator: The original and most common energy type is Generators with 70 % of the population (this includes their sister energy type ManiGens). With their open and attractive aura they are here to create good energy in the world. Their passions are supposed to vibrate their aura so much that the joy overflows and spreads out to anyone who interacts with it. There is one person that will come to mind when you think of this, someone who is liquid sunshine in their moment, bets are they have Generator energy type. Now on the other hand, if a Generator is doing something they don't want to do, it is all over their energy and you feel it too. Best thing to do as a Generator is do what you do often and with as much gusto as you can! You have an energy type that will always give you energy, even when you think you are out. You are here to bring the world and collective back alive!

Manifesting Generator: A combo of two types Manifesting Generators, or ManiGens, are here to have many passions & shows us there is a different way of doing things and living. Being jacks of trades you will always find a ManiGen talking about a new passion or desire that helps bring a spark to the collective in changing and adapting for the better. ManiGens aren't meant to do one thing for the rest of their lives, they are meant to explore, do and reach! Their passions should be the guide, not what everyone else tells them to do. Being a combo also gives this energy type a combo aura of both repelling & enveloping so that way they are able to bring the right people in and then send them out with new and amazing things.

Projector: This energy type is one that I am the most familiar with, because it is mine. Projectors, with our penetrating auras to help guide folks and make improvements on the world and systems around us. We are valued more for what we see than what we do and because we are 1 of the 3 energy types with not major motor center, we are also not meant to do it all either. In fact, most signs are living out of their alignment due to the demand of today. Projectors are here to help the collective function and work better together. The best thing a Projector can do though is not put their efforts on things that do not see them. Since our aura is penetrating, not every moment with this type is comfy. We see things differently and sometimes uncomfortable truths come with it. Not everyone sees the beauty so be patient in learning you may not be for everyone but for the right few you will be everything. With being 20 % of the population you will find more people who don't see you before you find the right people who do. Learn to fill your own validation cup.

Manifestor: The one of the rarest of types at only 9% Manifestors were made for action. Brought into this world knowing exactly who they want to be. They bring unique ideas, concepts & perspectives to the table that need to be brought into the world and must not be afraid to start them. You are here to get the ball running so that others can join you. You are the movement! The best thing to learn is patients and self-love. Know that you have what it takes to make anything happen and learning to pause before taking action and listening to your response will help you make sure those projects get off the ground! Your aura is repelling by nature because your energy is supposed to be spread wide, use it to start the revolutionary work you were brought to this world to do!

Reflector: Reflectors are the rarest energy type at 1 % of the world's population. They mirror out the energy of the other types back to them. Since their centers are open their energy is based upon the people they are around. With having a resistant aura, you are here to give people a taste of them, the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as help them better understand the collective. Their mission is to get the collective on the right track and offer wisdom in doing so. They benefit from waiting and gaining clarity before jumping into any decision.

If you want to know even more about your chart i would recommend visiting My Human Design or What is the Human Design System? for free chart calculators.

So that's the start! A little sneak peek into the two systems that help me. There are so many more to explore too! Like Reiki & Tapping. Some religions practice this energy work as well so explore! Learn more about what makes you tick. Like I mentioned, there is so much more to each of these so if you want a part 2 let me know!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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