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Witchy Tip of the Week: Sniffle Season Aids

Hello wonderful people and happy Thursday! Hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far. I currently have the sniffles going on in my household, so we are deep in tissue boxes, steamy showers and cups of tea to get us feeling better! This cold has me feeling the need to share some great ways to incorporate some more holistic & witchy ways into your healing process!

Most of these aids will look super familiar, because most of your parents, grandparents and guardians were raised by their parents and grandparents to teach this as well. This is human medicine before it because Big Pharma, when we got our nurturing and healing from Mother Earth herself. A bowl of chicken noodle soup & Vicks vapor rub is way more than they appear. There is magic & nature at work to help aid the energy & body to its full capacity.

For Colds & Flus:

As the saying goes, "Feed a cold, starve a flu". When the nose is stuffy & runny, the throat is dry and a cough is coming through, you got a cold. When you have a fever & the sweat, possibly even throwing up, you have the flu. Both colds and flus can be aided by everyday items we have access to in our kitchens and store. Black Pepper is wonderful to add into any soup or broth to bring back vigor to your body & the heat also helps get out any negativity stuck within the body that may be holding on. We want the body systems to get moving to help get stuff out! Garlic is another great herbal remedy during times of sickness. It used to be used to treat infections, including as early as World War 1. This delicious clove carries not only antibiotic properties but also antifungal properties. Honey is another amazing antibacterial aid that has also been dated back to ancient Egypt. With its natural enzymes it is a sweet way to get rid of those icky germs hanging out in the body. As mentioned in previous post there is also Lemon with its purifications properties also will add some zest to what you need.

*Quick Kitchen Remedy*

For colds, sore throats, and coughs: try crushed garlic cloves, squeeze of lemon juice, 1-2 teaspoons of honey, pinch of dried ginger, and hot water. Drink it up and eat the garlic cloves for good measure. Do that 3 times a day and usually by the 3rd day you are feeling better!

For Sinus Infections & Allergies

Now sometimes it's just the nose, and the head, and the sneezing. This is when more of my herby friends come in. We want Peppermint, a great antiseptic & analgesic (great for headache relief), and Eucalyptus which will help with the sinus & nasal congestion. Elderberry is also amazing with its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. The stuff above also comes in handy with sinus infections and allergies, especially the pepper to open up your airways & honey from local farms to get your body use to the pollen the pollenators use!

*Essential Oil Vicks Vapor Rub*

5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Tea Tree

2 drops Rosemary

2 drops Peppermint

Add this to your humidifier, diffuser, whatever airflow you want, favorite lotion and see your airways open way up!

Hoping some of these herbs & food help you feeling better soon! I will most likely do a Kitchen Witch deep dive soon since this falls right into that category! Sending love and light to all:)

Until Next Time,


Margaux <3

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