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Witchy Tip of the Week: Enchanting Beverages

Hello my stunning friends! Hope everyone has been well. We are looking good at doing these blogs two weeks in a row, are we starting a habit again? Who knows!? Fingers crossed my beautiful neurospicy brain doesn't get bored by this and find something else to do instead. All I know is that it is cold, I want to be comfy and in bed, and playing Pokémon with a warm cup of tea or hot coco. Which gave me the brilliant idea to make a blog post about it!

So, my friends, today we are going to dive into enchanting your drinks or adding a little extra magic to them in a couple of different ways. Now the breakdown of this one is pretty simple. Liquids at their core are connected to what element... WATER! So, since we humans are water, when we take in more substances of water, we then can enchant them to circulate the spell through our bodies and energy. Trippy yes, I know. I will be doing an elemental magic post soon so look to that for more ways to connect with the element then.

Today's focus is on beverages. With it being cozy & party season, many folks will have some type of chalice in their hand at some point this season. Whether it be a hot toddy or a cup of apple cider there is something that can be added to any beverage, intention! Knowing a little more about what the drink contains, or even making your own will help you gear it towards what you are intending but there are many ways to go about it.

The Elements

First off, the biggest thing to bring is the intention. The why and your power. That is what steers the magic, the Youness that is brought forth and expressed. The rest just enhanced.

Herbs: From my previous post we know essential oils & herbs are a great way to add a little extra oomph to your daily routine. With the holiday season we are in, there is a lot of cinnamon & peppermint being seen. We know peppermint is great for healing & protections, so enchant that peppermint Mocha for a little bit of healing when you need it. And for that hot apple cider with the cinnamon stick, go ahead and do the enchantment below to add a little love and success into that cup of deliciousness.

Fruit: Just like herbs, fruits possess different metaphysical properties that can be used to help harness your own personal powers. That same mug of apple cider that you are stirring your cinnamon stick with is full of its own magic of abundance and bringing in love! That is why cinnamon and apples work so well together, they both are here to help us harness the same vibes. Adding citrus to things like orange and lemon will bring in uplifting and rejuvenating feelings to any dish.

Sweets: For the folks who want something a little sweeter, even vanilla, chocolate & caramel have magical properties that can be harnessed through your favorite beverage. A hot coco fan? That chocolate is filled with sensual loving warm vibes that can be brought forth. Caramel helps with courage and sticking things out, and soothing vanilla is great for mental health and love as well. When people say the secret ingredient is love, it really is! Most of our favorite cookies and cakes have sugar, vanilla, caramel or chocolate in it. If the maker put their intention into that bake, you will taste the difference.

Below is a little spell I have been doing with my hot coco this season. I don't make any promises, but I have been feeling much more joyful when I drink it.

Enchanted Hot Coco

  • 1 pack of hot coco mix

  • 3/4s of the hot water the coco mix calls for

  • Heavy whipped cream/ thicker dairy beverage substitute

  • Vanilla Bean/Vanilla essential oil (2-3 drops)

  • Peppermint essential oil (2 drops)

  • spoon

Okay so boil the water. While the water is warming up, mix together the hot coco mix, the essential oils & whatever amount of cream/milk substitute your heart tells you. Pour from the heart, you can always add more so start slower. Stir away from you at first, counterclockwise. While stirring, focus your energy on releasing something that you no longer want. With each stir counterclockwise, envision yourself stirring away the stuff that no longer serves you.

Once the water has boiled, slowly add it to your coco/milk mixture and stir towards you, clockwise. While stirring in this direction call upon the water to bless the mug & mixtures with in, and with each stir bring in what you want from the elements the water is mixing with. The healing from the peppermint, the love from the chocolate, the calm from the cream. Tap the spoon on the side of the cup 3 times, and you're golden! I usually throw in a little thank you gratitude moment to thank my spirit team, but I forget sometimes too so it's okay!

Give it a try! Until next time,


Margaux <3

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