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Witchy Tip of the Week: Deciphering Dreams

Hello my loves! Happy Wednesday! We are officially out of Mercury retrograde, again, all the planets are direct, and things are moving a little smoother, I hope. Dreams have been a big discussion this week amongst my peeps and what they mean and how to understand them. Understanding and interpreting dreams actually can unlock a ton of knowledge and truth behind a situation. Something as simple as seeing a white dog could mean unlocking a stuck spot that you haven't been able to get past. It is super fun and pretty easy to look up! Here are some basics are what you should know.

Now to start off, you do need to remember parts of your dreams. So, this may not be for everyone right away. Most of the time we are not supposed to remember our dreams. The messages and lessons we learn in our dreamworld help us solve conflicts in the real world. If you are remembering a dream in the waking world it is for a purpose.

When it comes to understanding and deciphering your dreams, it is in the details. What color was it? Where were you? How fast were you going? What happened to you? The difference between a dog bite and a dog scratch is very large. If you are lucky enough to remember your dream right down as much detail as you can, in the order. It most likely won't make any sense, it isn't supposed to. Our brains and minds are funny things that are mostly unexplored, somethings have yet to be explained.

Next, we want to find sources that are able to give more description on what the different details mean. Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary is an amazing online resource I have used for years. There are also books and even decks of cards dedicated to understanding dreams. Pick your source and media and start learning.

When it is all said and done you should have a glimpse of what your subconscious is trying to tell you and what actions and steps need to be taken forward! I also have added a quick list of the most common dreams and their interpretations for the folks who don't want to dive any deeper :)

Common Dreams & Their Interpretations

  1. Teeth Falling Out: this one varies a little, but it boils down to lost confidence.

  2. Being Chased: avoid the issues, encourages the dreamer to face their problems.

  3. Falling: RED FLAG. A major life problem is going on and heading in the wrong direction. Feeling overwhelmed

  4. Pregnancy: The need to start a new project or creative endeavor.

  5. Cheating: Feeling like your partner is spending too much time and attention away from something that involves the dreamer. Shows lack of trust & not receiving everything you want out of the relationship.

  6. Unable to Move: emotionally trapped and afraid of the future. Considering on making big moves but feeling too afraid to make them.

  7. Transportation Accident: Losing control, signs of bad habits that may become long term is not taken care of.

  8. Natural Disaster: Being confronted with serious issues that they cannot avoid. Personal problems spiraling out of control.

  9. Being Naked in Public: Anxiety and vulnerability. Feeling like they aren't able to handle the current situation with bravery & more worried about how you will appear.

  10. Recurring Dreams: examine the dream you keep having. The dream most likely be something that is still not resolved in the waking world that you need to pay attention to, or you are missing something important.

Hope this gave a little sneak peek into your brain! Happy dreaming. And as always follow @margauxs.coner on all the social media to get the news of any updates first!

Until next time,



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