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Witchy Tip of the Week: Crystal Connections

Welcome back friends! Hope everyone is doing well. We are in the last month of 2022, the holidays are quickly approaching. With the joy the season brings, it also brings lots of stress and anxiety, people you haven't seen in years popping up out of the blue, injures from trying to move the Christmas tree by yourself, shit happens. So, with that in mind I am personally drowning myself in crystals to help with the holiday of it all and I figured a little guide for crystals is exactly what this week's post was going to be about.

Crystals... aren't they just shiny rocks?

To answer your question, yes, they are rocks and minerals. They come from the Earth or have been scientifically designed to be a part of this world. The are in fact rocks. But they are certainly not just shiny rocks. They are so much more! They heal, they change, they help!

As humans are energy so are these crystals and because of that each one has its own unique frequency that vibrates out into the world and then blends with our energy. As different humans mesh with our frequency differently so does different crystals. Just like each human is unique and has its own special powers and ways of doing things so do crystals. Each rock type has a physical and metaphysical/spiritual significance that will radiate out to the user who wish to benefit from it.

Now as mentioned different crystals have different uses. There are some that are good for protection & boundaries from energy vampires, some are good for protection against bad energy coming into your home. There are some that help with lowering your anxiety and others that have been known to actually help purify and regulate the circulatory system. Certain combinations will help aid better sleep as well as other combinations making it easier to connect with your spirit guides. There is a crystal for any occasion you just have to know where to look and what you need.

How to use these Shiny Rocks

This part is the easiest I find. As mentioned in previous posts, half of using your energy and power is the intention in which you put behind it. When it comes to using crystals in your everyday life, you got to put the intention behind the crystal. Yes, it will still do the job and you will still be able to connect with its energy but if you want to add a little umph put some feeling behind it.

Next pick a form. I am a big believer in wearing your crystals. I usually have 3 stuffed down by shirt, one in my purse and then have multiple pendants, bracelets, and rings use as well. Each serving its own purpose. You can also get crystal pendulums & wands for spell and divination work. There are also powerful grids where you use multiple crystals in certain powers to bring in specific manifestations and energy. You can also just simply sit with the crystals, whether in its raw or polished form, and meditate with it. Crystals energy reaches out 6 feet like our own aura so even if you just have it in your room, you will feel better.

So that's a super brief crystal lesson, there is so much more! If I do get more interest, I will gladly go through which crystals to use for what as well as provide crystal prescriptions during my Shallow End & Deep Dive services :)

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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