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Witchy Tip of the Week: Astrological New Year

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hello my beauties! We are getting a double dose of tips this week because last week was very busy and I intended to post this on Thursday, but life said no, and instead of pushing it I surrendered and said today is just as good!

So, first things first HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! So happy, favorite season for many reasons but mostly because it means there is a full year of potential and the seeds are ready to be planted!

Now if we are getting witchy with it, Spring literally is the new beginning. From astrology to pagan religious practices this is the tipping point of the year. Winter was the season we just left, which people like to think is just the month of December and maybe January but Spring in fact does not start until Mid March. Which means if we as humans reflected our bodies to match the seasons, a lot of us were treating a season of rest and retreat as a work season!

For the folks who may have done that, no worries! There isn't any harm in starting your goal setting and hustle in the winter, you just may find yourself needing a bit more rest later on. Now is the time to see where you may have been putting the horse before the cart and realign your process from there! Here are a few ways I plan to use the astrology new year & Spring Equinox to set the right foot on the path of success for this astrology year!

  • Set intentions: Just like you do on New Years Eve, the astrological new year is a great time to set intentions for the coming year. Write down your goals, hopes, and dreams for the next 12 months, and keep them in a special place where you can refer to them throughout the year.

  • Cleanse your space: Who knew there could be a purpose to Spring cleaning? This common practice of this time of year can also be a spiritual practice! Clearing clutter and cleaning your space can help you release old energy and make way for new energy to flow in.

  • Connect with nature: The spring equinox is a time of balance, when the day and night are equal. Spending time in nature can help you connect with this balance and feel more grounded. You could take a walk in a park or forest, sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature, or even do some gardening. Make sure to take time and thank nature and Mother Earth for waking up and starting anew with you. Giving gratitude will help with intentions.

  • Meditate: Meditation can help you connect with your inner self and set your intentions for the coming year. Meditate on the themes of renewal, new beginnings, and balance, and visualize yourself moving forward with clarity and purpose. Hold crystals of grounding and renewal such as smoky quartz.

  • Celebrate with a ritual: Creating a ritual can be a powerful way to mark the astrological new year. You could light candles, burn incense, and offer prayers or blessings to honor the energy of this time. Make a mini altar of things that remind you of season!

Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to you. Follow your intuition and honor your own beliefs and practices, and you will create a powerful and transformative experience for yourself.

Looking to take it too the next level? Ostara is the pagan holiday that is celebrated on the spring equinox. Ostara is a festival that honors the arrival of spring, the rebirth of nature, and the return of the sun. It is a time to celebrate new beginnings, fertility, and growth.

If you are planning to create an altar, you can create an altar with symbols of the season, such as flowers, eggs, and seeds. Speaking of seeds, planting seeds is a way to symbolize the fertility of the earth and the growth of new life. You could plant seeds in your garden, in a pot, or even in a small indoor herb garden to celebrate this equinox and also join in on the celebration of Ostara. Looking to add a ritual but not sure where to start? Ostara is a time to honor the balance between light and dark, so holding a ritual to mark the equinox is a common practice. You could light candles, cast a circle, and offer prayers or blessings to the goddess Ostara. Most importantly, Spring is a time when nature is coming back to life, so spending time outside is a great way to celebrate. You could take a hike, have a picnic, or simply sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

At the end of the day just have fun! Be excited that you have a chance to start new and look forward to a full seasonal rotation of success to grab a hold onto! If you are ready to make these changes more than just surface level head over to my services page and sign up for a reading today! We can explore what the energy has in store for you this year.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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