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Witchy Tip of the Week: A Little Bit About Angel Numbers

Hello my friends! Welcome back for another week of witchy tips. Took a little bit to a slower week on the blog front due to a new program that launched last week. Now we are back, the date is 1/11/2023, and I am ready to dive into another topic often asked about, Angel Numbers.

Have you ever noticed yourself seeing the same time when we you look at the clock? Certain number sequences jumping out more than others but not knowing why 1234 would stick out more than a male cardinal in a tree. Angel Numbers, or sequential numbers, often are messages from the energies around us to help us notice signs and patterns that are happening around, and not necessary available to the seers eye. Often we are hounded by these numbers when we are living out of alignment, or missing clues to what the alignment/situation is trying to tell you. In some cases, these number sequences can give you a heads up of big changes ahead, a good time to start a business, and even a good time to be open to love.

I encourage everyone to Google/look up the meaning of any Angel number sequence they keep seeing. Each combo has different meanings and interpretations, what one combo means to a person doesn't necessarily mean it holds the same meaning for another. This is the time when our intuition, body/self awareness and discernment come in and we get to start working our relationship with our Spirit team and energies to begin to establish the communication between the realms, the awareness of how your team works with you at all times.

Now below are very basic break downs on some popularly seen Angel number combos.

Common Angel Numbers

  1. 111 - intuition, listen to your heart and body, positive outcomes from going with

  2. 1010 - Spirit team at work, things are being done behind the scenes. Sit and listen, may be trying to reach out

  3. 222 - alignment, everything is falling into place, right place right time, stay true

  4. 333- connections to the divine, support in whatever you are doing, dreams put to reality

  5. 444 - protection from the divine, you are not alone & your guides and team are hear to support you

  6. 1234 - on the right path, don't stop now, push ahead it's close.

  7. 555 - transformation, big necessary changes, unexpected blessings

  8. 666 - reflection, check your surrounds, are you in alignment, where is your life out of balance

  9. 777- luck coming in for listening, reaping the benefits of active change, everything is working out

  10. 888 -abundance is arriving, financial abundance, security, achieved balance

  11. 999 - finishing a journey, end nearing, letting go of things that no longer server you

*the amount of numbers means the intensity and speed in which it's coming. 1-2 numbers expect it soonish and you'll feel it before you see it, 3+ it's coming at you fast and you'll see it before you feel it *

As a reminder, to get a better understanding about what your own personal connection is to each of the numbers, use your discernment. Notice the energy around the number, the emotions you were feeling, the situation that was going on, the activity you were doing, the people you are with. Track the numbers and see if there is one that is more common than not. Basically, stop going so fast, slow down, and pay attention to your surrounds. Smell the roses, see the bumblebee, feel the air. Use your body and spirit. The rest is inside.

Have fun!! As always, go check out my services page to grab a reading or sign up to begin living a more magical life! Free consolations available for Mystical Month for anyone interested! Follow the link and book a time through my Calendarly 😊

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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