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Witchy Tip of the Week: Getting your Mojo Back

Alright my beauties...Welcome back! I apologize for being MIA during the Mercury Retrograde, life happened and honestly I have been feeling a little disconnected lately so I wasn't feeling very chatty 🤣. Today however, as I sat in the tub I was like, "Margaux, pull yourself together! You know what to do to get you feeling like you again, let not lose sight" . Now did I hop out of the tub and start doing any of those things right away? Absolutely not, I was mid hair mask and had no desire to leave the tub any time soon. I call these "self care moments" that help me remember to enjoy the little moments, like a perfectly hot bath.

Now I have felt disconnected because I haven't been connecting deeply and intentionally like I usually do!! I was still walking through the motions of what I usually do but I wasn't putting that Margaux magic into it. So here is what I personally do to get my groove back after getting away from myself, Spirit and what I am trying to do in this life time.

Bringing Back the Mojo

  • Do some of your favorite things: now this is vague I know but it's that simple. Just do something that you love to do. It's better if it's an activity instead of like mindlessly scrolling on your phone or vegging out to your favorite show, but anything will do. Doing something your mind and body already loves to do or be a part of helps you feel more present in the moment. It can be baking, drawing, writing, painting, going on a walk, playing with your dog. Anything that keeps you in the moment right in front of you.

  • Get into your body: there are many ways someone can do this. You can work out, dance, swim, meditate. Do things that you have to intentionally pay attention with your movements and how much you are and are not moving your body and pay attention to the form in which you do it.

  • Let loose: throw on your favorite music and just shake your groove thing! Feel the music in your body and let your body be the one to guide it. Let the mind go and let the body twirl and bend and shake how it wants to, no matter who is watching.

  • Reflect: some people need to actually sit and be still to feel more connected so do just take. Sit in nature, comfy and relaxed and take in the peace of just being you in that moment.

Getting your mojo back starts with the connection of your body and letting your mind not be the one in control for a while. It's about feeling what is going on inside instead of letting all the stuff going on up top be in charge. Once you reconnect the body with the energy that is within it, the rest follows!

Love to you all! Hope everyone had a safe and happy retrograde maddness!!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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