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Correcting the Misconception: Witchcraft

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Ah witchcraft & witches, tis a thing of great scrutiny. Black pointy hats, covered in warts, toads & snakes, brooms & black cats, cauldrons & curses. It's all fun and games, connecting with nature, until someone decided its bad or not holy and decided to rain on the parade. So let me go ahead and begin to fill you all in on something you may not be aware of yet, you are already doing witchcraft... and you just don't know it.

Now most people will find this post a bunch of hocus pocus but for the few that actually read it let me go ahead and put some stuff out there. Witchcraft is an art. Witchcraft is not a religion. Let me say it again for the ones who are still shocked at the paragraph above. Witchcraft is an art, not a religion. Witchcraft is here to connect you with self, spirit, and nature. It is here to teach you about the power within that we have all held since we were young.

I like to think of witchcraft the same was I think of the art of dancing. Many of my formative years were spent at a ballet bar or in front of a big mirror trying to move to the different music i was learning to perform to at the time. We would do hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap & lyrical. Each different dance brought different emotions and feelings forth. Witchcraft is to dance, as being green witch is to be dancing the tango. Witchcraft is the practice; it is what you do and how you do it. It's the tempo and the rhythm of how you incorporate spirit & nature into your vessel just as it is with incorporating the music to the moves with your body for dance.

Now what about Paganism? That would fall under religion. Now to shock you guys a little more, there is witchcraft in religions. Angels, demons, burning incense, praying to deities, reading from scripture to aligns oneself with their true purpose. BOTH are in witchcraft and most religions. There are many practitioners who call upon their Christian ancestors & spirits to work the gifts they have access to & practitioners who don't follow any one religion and call upon all the sources of the universe regardless of the religious background because its energy that human's give purpose to so there is power & energy behind it. The intention is there.

Doing magic, using witchcraft is all about the intention, the power & the will you put behind the practice. Just like getting good at anything else, you have to practice. You have to see what works and what doesn't. You have to believe the words you are speaking to the universe will be heard & you will receive it from whomever you pray to. You have to have faith that what you are doing is going to bring you the purpose you want. The intention behind thing is where the magic, good or bad, happens.

So instead of being scared or fearing the magic, realize it has always been there. Believe in yourself & your own power. There is nothing wrong with working the magic inside of you, no matter what anyone says and believes.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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