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Understanding Witchcraft: Elemental Magic

Okay we are kicking off a new series, the 411 on different types of magic. If you have read any of my other post so far, there are many different ways to incorporate magic into your life, and just like different forms of dance, we also have different forms of magic. Elemental Magic was the one I was first introduced to, way back in elementary school, its super easy to grasp & comes in handy often.

What is Elemental magic?

Elemental magic is using the elements of the Earth as tools to enhance your energy & your own unique. There are 5 elements each that bring their own unique specialties & uses. Each element can be found in nature, which makes it easy to connect with the element each day in different ways! Below are a few things about each element to get us rolling.


Fire is our first element we get to dive into. This element is associated with Aries, Leo & Sagittarius for Astrology, the Wands for tarot. Fire is often also associated with the Sun, rebirth and renewal, cleansing Fire is powerful. It can bring life as well as take it just as fast. It is thought of when the emotions of passion and inspiration, even anger, pop up. This element is lovely, constantly bringing in warmth and intensity to whatever it added to. When focusing in on this element think of candles, a crackling bonfire in the crisp evening, the hot sun on you faces. The warmth and the energy with recognize itself within you.


Our next element is Air. This windy element is associated with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius in astrology, the suit of Swords in Tarot and is most often associated with emotions of quick thinking, initiative and even some nomad tendencies. The element air for me was a little harder to connect to when I first started because you don't see air. It is just there. You cannot catch a wind gust, you cannot hold a tornado, air is wild and free and will do what it likes. There is a wildness to air that everyone searches for. The freedom that flying in the wind would give us. There is beauty and power in that freedom. When focusing on air think of a dandelion seed floating in the wind, a great filed of corn rustling ever so slightly with the gusts, and the sweet smells of the changing of the seasons. In your practice the best way to use this element is with incenses, feathers, a bell or a fan! When wanting to send away or usher in certain energies this is the element that has served me best.


Now I know I have talked a lot about water and how we are as humans made up of a good bit of it so of course it goes along with elemental magic. Water is associated with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in Astrology, the suit of Cups in Tarot, and the emotions of sensitivity, feeling and even sadness. Water also is commonly aligned with the Moon, fertility and fruition. I find this element to be the easiest to connect to because it can be found in most places. I also have a lot of water in my star chart so that has a big factor to. When focusing on this element think of the ocean waves, a cool stream, a mighty thunderstorm. There are also different properties that those waters have, like Moon water being great to heal curses & sun water for protection & creativity. When adding it to your practice or spells, think of a bowl of water, cauldron or chalice to represent the element. Or even a picture of water or something that reminds you of the element.


Earth element! Where we live, what we stand on, what we consume. It is all Earth. This element is associated with Tarus, Virgo & Capricon in astrology, the suit of Pentacles in Tarot and emotionally to stability, nurturing and even some stubbornness. The element Earth is very grounding. It asks you to sit and be still and feel what is going on right now. When focusing on this element think of a tree growing as deep into the soil as it grows tall into the sky, think of a seedling stretching long reaching up and out and expanding into a full-blown flower. When adding it to your practice think of salt, soil, and crystals to represent this wonderful element.


Spirit - Last but not least, Spirit is an element. Spirit is the unknown, it's the unexplained, it's the space between fiction and reality where hope and your magic lives. Its within you and around you and the intention you put behind your actions. Like air, you can't hold onto it. Like earth, it wants you to feel deeply. Like water it wants you to be able to free to be in all forms. Like fire it wants you to know you are powerful. Spirit is the element you feel when you just know. Not out of knowledge or research, that pulling. The movement, the flow. When focusing on the element spirit, think of a light within you wanting to burst forth, a light that starts small but the more you believe in it the bigger it gets. Chase the light until it is burst through your pores. When adding it to your practice, it's all in your intention.

Introducing elemental magic into your daily routine is as simple as acknowledging the elements you come across. Is it a beauty day where the sun is shining, the birds are sining, a nice breeze is blowing through, and you are drinking your favorite drink. Everything in that moment can be used as elemental magic with the right intention behind it.

Never forget, you are never alone. Everything is working in your favor and towards the goals that are best for your being. Take the time to appreciate the power around and within you.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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