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Journaling Journey: Releasing Reactionary Responses

Hey babes and boos!! Hope everyone had a super awesome holiday season! If anyone is continuing this journey with me on mindfulness journaling this month is all about releasing. With the full moon in Cancer today & being in Mercury Retrograde again, it's a good day to examine what is still lingering in our systems when it comes to our emotional reactions and which ones no longer serve us.

To get down deep to these answers here are some questions to consider! Grab your favorite utensil to unload and get to writing! Once you are done, if you want to get a little witchy with it, take that piece of paper, and burn it. Please be safe way! No fires that will burn more than the paper, have somewhere to extinguish it, have salt near by to smother the flames. But the fire will help release it back to the universe. You don't have to but it feels pretty great to see the stuff you want to release and let go of burn into ash. Just say 😏

Alright here we go!

  1. What actions and space help me feel emotionally fulfilled?

  2. What actions and spaced leave me feeling empty and wanting more?

  3. When I am feeling vulnerable, who do I seek for comfort?

  4. When I feel unsafe, where does it start in my body?

  5. How can I feel more at home in my body?

  6. Where in my life have I been giving away my power by reacting in a highly emotionally way?

  7. Where in my life am I the responsible one and don't let others help me?

  8. What from my childhood felt the most nurturing? What did that look like?

  9. When did my big emotions help me this past month? When did they hurt me?

  10. Where do I do when I am feeling less than perfect? Is this a safe space?

Hope everyone continues to make this Janurary theirs! Sending out lots of good juju to all!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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