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Journaling Journey: Mindset Prompt

Hello my beauties & babes! Hope everyone has been having a good December. With today being the last full moon of 2022 & with some encouragement from a friend, I decided to share a couple of journaling prompts for my honeys that use journaling as a way to express & reflect.

If you are a newbie to journaling and the purpose read this next bolded part, if not go ahead and skip to after the photo :)

The joys of journaling are a long-time love of mine. I have been keeping a diary since I can remember, and it has always been a way for me to express things and work through emotions in a safe place. Journaling has been proven to not only reduce stress but also it helps you unlock true feelings that may have not been easily expressed out loud, helps you find your true voice & opinion in a situation instead of hearing from others' opinions & may even unlock parts of you that were tucked away long forgotten.

Now journaling is easy in itself. You need 1-2 things, a writing utensil & a place where your written words will be expressed. Some people choose pen and paper, others choose a laptop, some will even have a stack of post-it notes around the house so they can express on a whim. Whatever works to get you to get the shit out do it.

Next start small, just write something out. It can be an introduction, it can be simple what is currently going on, it can be a full-on rant. Just let it pour out. And go and go and go until you can't think of anything else. Then do that again the next day and the next until it become a habit.

From there you can do whatever! Find prompts like the one I provide below, google ones on your own, take a question asked on the internet and make your own prompt. Journaling is your own safe space to explore parts of you that you aren't ready to make out loud yet. Have fun with it!

Now on to the prompt!

So for my peeps that came here for a prompt, the theme is Bettering Mindset. I know a good bit of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the cold months and our mindset gets a little gloomy. For this reason December and the full moon in Gemini will bring questions about our current mindset and where we want to go with it. We are going to check in with ourselves and see what is going on and what there may be to help make our now better. Happy writing!

Bettering Mindset Questions:

  1. How am I feeling right now?

  2. What advice do I need to hear right now that would motivate me to be kinder to myself?

  3. What are my greatest strengths and how do they help me on a daily basis?

  4. What does living intentionally mean to me?

  5. If you had financial freedom, what is the first thing you would do?

  6. What is overwhelming me right now? What feels too big to handle?

  7. What in my life has brought me joy recently and what has not?

  8. What is standing in the way of my happiness?

  9. What accomplishment am I most proud of this month?

  10. How do I define success?

Alright so that should get you all going until the new moon on December 23rd when I will be doing another prompt! If we like this I will keep it going :)

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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