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Journaling Journey: Inner Balance

Good afternoon my peeps! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I do not know about you all, but I am feeling off. Which you wouldn't think so since I had an amazing birthday weekend but here, we are. From what I have been feeling from the cosmos, there are big shifts happening, a lot of peeps going through some upgrades and waking up. For the ones that get it, I see you, for the ones that don't yet, this is still so good for you! So anyways, lets journal about it. Let's see what may be adding to this off-putting mood that is making me want to scream at anyone who makes me do anything besides what I am trying to do.

Now our journal prompts as always are tied in with the current Full Moon. Tonight, our luminous celestial body will grace the house of Libra which will make us feel the need for all things balance and harmony. Pay extra attention to areas where things feel bleck. Where the gears are grinding and the nerves are fried, especially when it comes to those projects you are trying to bring forth into the 3D! We are in the middle of Aries season where the possibilities are endless and the seeds of what we are trying to accomplish this year are being considered and planted. Now is the time to examine the options, see which ones are going to be the best for you now and the future, and make sure they aren't over doing it for you in the long run. Full Moon magic is about celebrating and releasing what doesn't work. Use this energy to look within and see exactly what is meant to be. Libra is also a social sign so pay attention to the people around you too! You will certainly feel their energy in times like this. As always take care of yourselves and your energy! Shine your lights and cleanse.

Now is the time to grab your journal and let's get going! Time to figure out what is working and how to get harmony into our lives before our big plans take off!

  1. What does my ideal balanced life look like? What is different about my now vs that reality?

  2. What about my now is bringing me peace and happiness? Where in life am I seeing security the most?

  3. What about my now is bringing me the most anguish and annoyance? Where in life am I seeing chaos the most?

  4. How can I use this information to create a space of peace for my future self? Where can I edit?

  5. What routines do I have in place that give me space to add harmony too?

  6. What would a deeply connected harmonious partnership look like to me? How is this realistic to my now and where in my life can I add more possibilities?

  7. Are my partnerships feeling even? Am I giving more than receiving? Are my boundaries in sync?

  8. In what ways can I add more harmony when dealing with others? Where am I taking things too personally and projecting?

Keep an eye our for my Astrology Wall Calendar! I made a calendar that follows the Astrological Year: Aries Season 2023-Aries Season 2024, includes Full Moons, retrogrades & major transits. Announcements will be posted on Instagram and via email first! To hear about it first add yourself to the email list below!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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