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Understanding Magic: Digital Witchcraft

So, this one brings magic into the 21st century! Digital Witchcraft, where modern and traditional come together to create beautiful magic. As with technology, this form of craft is a relatively new form of witchcraft & it involves using technology such as computers, smartphones, and other digital devices as tools for casting spells, divination, and other forms of magical work.

This type of magic is beautiful because it lets the crafter have so much flexibility! Especially during the pandemic where so many where secluded more than they ever had be, it allowed for folks to still be able to craft and thrive! There are so many ways you can use technology to express and better your witchcraft.

Digital sigils can be created using graphics software & then programmed into digital devices to help manifest the desired outcome. Spellcasting & Witchy apps are available that offer spellcasting guides, astrology, tarot readings, and other forms of divination that can be used for magical purposes. Your phone can be your mini grimoire if you want it to be! Personal favorites are TimePassages, Labyrinthos & A Guide to Crystals. Online communities can connect with other witches and share information and experiences online through social media, forums, and other digital platforms. As always, use your intuition to feel out what is true to you and your practice, make sure the people you find are the right community! There are always people out there that will use something meant for good for bad. Digital altars are created digital altars that are stored on computers or smartphones & using images and other digital elements to represent the elements, deities, and other spirits that are important to them.

Another layer onto this is Cyber Witchcraft. Digitial & Cyber witchcraft are very similar, both utilizing technologies to wield their work, but how they use it is slightly different. Digital witchcraft refers to the use of modern digital technology, such as smartphones, computers, and other digital devices, in the practice of magic. This may include using digital tools to research magical practices, create digital sigils, and access online communities for practitioners. Cyber witchcraft, on the other hand, focuses specifically on the use of the internet and digital communication technology in magical practice. Cyber witches use social media, chat rooms, and other online forums to connect with other practitioners, share information and resources, and collaborate on magical work. Cyber witchcraft may also include creating digital sigils and performing online rituals. Lots of overlap!

There are so many ways to use tech & witchcraft together! I hope you all explore the potential!

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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