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Hello my friends!!

Long time no chat! Hope everyone has had an amazing magically spectacular summer! Today I felt called to write a blog post for the first time in many months, or at least it felt that way when I was longing back into the system.

Since we last chatted, I have been up to some new things! When I went on hiatus back in June, I was feeling a really big emotional and mental low and needed to find a way to get my groove back. The blog wasn't feeling like a fun way to get information out there, but more like a chore. And with my beautiful neurospicy brain, when it becomes a chore... I don't do it anymore. I decided to throw myself into different aspects of my business I wanted to explore more, and it brought forth some new and exciting changes. So, I figured I would hop on here and fill anyone in who cared enough to read.

First and foremost, I have begun to go back into the world and working in person again on a more "regular" basis. I am now at the local Farmer's Markets selling my version of potions Friday, Saturday and some Sundays. With event season coming up you will see me popping up at more events around the Grand Strand as well. I had originally been helping my partner with his business at the markets while it was getting its legs, and I found amongst my new community that there was a need that was to be filled. In the form of ice-cold beverages on the hot Carolina summer days. So, I said, why not me? Filled out an app and now I make scratch made drinks, to order. Think fair-style lemonade, and more, using organic ingredients at the highest quality to ensure total satisfaction from the first sip. And of course, the magic that goes into it. Very yummy, very fun. I am having a blast. If you want to see where I will be, check out the Instagram. This is just the beginning of where the potions are going. I am eager to see where my next steps take me in the fall. The markets go through November, and I plan on doing the full Spring-Winter 2024 season starting March 1st. If you want more information about this Farmer's Market collective here is their info Waccamaw Market Cooperative - Farmers Markets in Conway, Surfside, and North Myrtle Beach (

Next up, since I am exploring more face-to-face work, my online one-on-one options are about to change. My schedule was way more open, and I have been adding people in when I have room and time, but with being face-to-face threeish times a week, my energy does not go as far as it does when I am by myself (look who is finally learning her nervous system cues!). I do not want my readings and coaching to suffer because of this so I am going to be limiting the days I do readings & will be holding off on Mystical Month clients until 1/2024. That way the folks who do work with me one-on-one get the full cup Margaux instead of the half-filled one. In the new calendar year, I will be rolling out a new program that offers a similar vibe but that is a little more price friendly for the collective. I may get rid of one-on-one coaching altogether, who knows. I am allowing this part of my company to decide where it wants to go. The vision I had in my head last June was about 5-7 years before the time of the business and I may or may not have skipped a couple steps... I am still trying to figure this one out. The coaching isn't going anywhere but how I am able to serve the collective the best will be changing. I am excited to see how it all comes together.

What I have learned the most while I have been away is that life is simple if we let it be, and honestly the only thing that can be controlled is your now. Nothing is promised but anything you want can be achieved if you just give yourself the same level of respect and chance as you give everyone else. For some this is going to look like a villain era, and to that I say welcome to your feminine power and be care, and for others this is going to look like finally letting go of the control you so desperately think you need over your life. It all boils down to the choice and what you act on. It is all about what sparks your interest and what holds that light bright enough for you to follow through. You have millions of choices, none of which are right or wrong. They all are just paths that eventually lead you to the exact same ending, death (sorry for the morbid reality check). So, you might as well enjoy yourself in the now. Instead of constantly going after that bag, maybe enjoy what you have right now. The list that you keep in your head that has all these things you want to accomplish in life, it's not a race to see who can do it first, who did it the best, who accomplished the most. It is all about who enjoyed each step along the way and left the world a better place than the entered it.

On that note, I am signing off.

Until next time,


Margaux <3

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