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Witchy Tip of the Week: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Hello my beautiful babes!

Happy Tuesday, hope everyone has been well. We are about 5 days into Mercury Retrograde and I was pondering over my diffuser today what is the best way to get through these next few weeks. So far, it's been wild. A lot of emotions, I blame the Pisces full moon this past Saturday, but on top of that I have been having issues in the normal Mercury Retrograde fashion. Thus, this post came into my frontal lobe, and we began to type. So, lets dive in.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

This website says it better than what I care to type out (Mercury Retrograde) but the gist is, Mercury appears to spin in a different direction and because of that everything to do with communication and movement forward in situations becomes harder. Delays in mail, contracts getting messed up, a single line of code being off by 1 which ends up creating a full day of work, people taking things the wrong way and words being used against you... the list goes on. Mercury goes into retrograde 4 times a year and lasts about a month or so depending on the transit. Like I said, read the article, they say it much better than I could.

What to do to make it less of a troublesome time?

  1. Prepare for delays: traveling? expecting mail? needing to send out something important by a certain date? Go ahead and send it sooner than you think you need to. Get to the airport earlier than you usually would. Grab cash for that card trip just in case. If you can proactively prepare for anything that could possibly go wrong, you might be able to avoid some issues.

  2. Give yourself & others some grace: chances are that if you are having a shitty day that has been filled with problem after problem, expect others are too. Don't be too hard on yourself if something slips your mind or if a deadline is missed because of some freaky cosmic shift that is make the energy a little spicy. Know that people may hear you wrong so don't go into defense if they take something the wrong way. If you don't have anything nice to say maybe don't say it at all. It will all be okay. Breathe through it.

  3. Double check everything: not everyone can go full monk and avoid society like the plague during times like these, so you are going to come across situations where you will have a choice to do things like travel or sign a document that could go wonky. Double check everything, take care of the loose ends and wrap up anything that can be finished up.

In the end, take it day by day and be in the present. Nothing about this can be avoided but you can at least make the next couple of weeks a little better.

Keep kicking ass and being beautiful people! Don't forget I have my Calendarly live and PayPal set up now to make it easier to book and pay all in one place! Check out the Services page :)

Until next time,

xoxo Margaux <3

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